Picked this up at Otakon. It came with stickers and decals but being a painter, this was the much more obvious choice. Painting the trim and lining is a lot cleaner and simpler than stickers.

In the second picture you can see my progress on the deck. To give the Merry the worn look it has I decided to dry brush a medium darkness muddy brown. I might lightly touch it up with an off white or a darker brown so the color isn't too consistent, then follow it up with a black wash to make the crevices show more clearly. Same will be done to the body and the cabin but using different colors.


NCR Anti-Material Rifle Scope

This is a project I was contracted to do, while I wish it was the whole rifle I'm just doing the scope. I've actually been working on this for the past couple days but most of the major progress was today.

The wooden cones were shaped on the lathe today but the smaller cone needs some additional work by hand tomorrow when the glue dries. The pvc ring will be moved to the center and have bottle caps drilled in to act as the adjustment knobs.

Once the cones are shaped I'll be using a good amount of Bondo to fill in gaps and clean up edges/seams. I'll start on the scope mounts after everything else is finished. The larger cone shown was finished earlier this evening.

More to come!


Scout Rifle

This is the start of my updates to the Scout Rifle for Welkin Gunther from Valkyria Chronicles.

Last year's model was rushed and I cut some corners and unfortunately didn't completely finish some details. For Otakon the 'metal' parts are getting a new paint job, the wood is getting a couple coats of varathane for a smooth finish, and I re-examined the bolt system so it should slide much smoother. The trigger has also been redone so it moves more smoothly. The grip has already been reshaped for a more realistic and natural grip.


Introductory Blog

For my introductory blog post I will just go into greater details on what this blog will be about.

This blog was created so I can share my work with others. I am a full time student at university but in my spare time I design and create props from swords to guns out of wood. This summer I should hope to have fairly regular updates from several of my projects.

The main reason I wanted to make a blog was for my Warhammer 40k army. I have been into the hobby since 1998 but went through phases of interest. With the new editions many new players are coming around and older players are resurfacing. I really want to put my nose to the grindstone and complete my army. My long term goal is the 4000 point apocalypse scale army I want. But first there are smaller tasks I must achieve. Like deciding on an official chapter name, chapter symbol, chapter banner, and name the Chapter Master and Company Captain. I would also like to achieve a 2000 point army so I can start playing in competitive tournaments and general weekend play.

So the goal of my blog is to work on my models and post regular updates of my progress. If I have a blog with a weekly or even bi-weekly update I will have encouragement to work and finish, especially if I get followers. I'll be working full-time this summer, plus with my prop making projects I don't want to burn myself out so I will just post Warhammer blogs once a week at minimum, but there will certainly be days where I have spare time to post random thoughts. Prop updates will be posted regularly throughout the projects.

I hope you all will enjoy my blogs as much as I will.