NCR Anti-Material Rifle Scope

This is a project I was contracted to do, while I wish it was the whole rifle I'm just doing the scope. I've actually been working on this for the past couple days but most of the major progress was today.

The wooden cones were shaped on the lathe today but the smaller cone needs some additional work by hand tomorrow when the glue dries. The pvc ring will be moved to the center and have bottle caps drilled in to act as the adjustment knobs.

Once the cones are shaped I'll be using a good amount of Bondo to fill in gaps and clean up edges/seams. I'll start on the scope mounts after everything else is finished. The larger cone shown was finished earlier this evening.

More to come!


  1. I'm curious what material you are using the bond the pvc with the wood? Just bondo, epoxy, wood glue?

  2. Epoxy glue, it usually bonds well if the ratio is right and if there's enough surface area to cover.